Thinknear’s GeoType

A New Way to See Customers

Thinknear’s GeoType is a revolutionary new method that allows marketers to understand and reach consumers on a new level. GeoType is rooted in location intelligence and combines audience data with machine learning capabilities to reveal a never-before-seen and hyper-granular view into customers’ lives — who they are, their motivations, behaviors, and values.

GeoType can be used in two distinct functions – for deeper customer insights and audience targeting.


GeoType Customer Analysis goes deeper than visitation patterns and behaviors, we are able to go further by layering in purchase habits, passions and interests to get a 360° view of your customers and competitor’s customers. This unlocks new creative and targeting strategies.


GeoType Audience Targeting Segments are specific to each vertical (Retail, Dining, Autos), thereby offering more granular targeting by audience type, while taking in the full picture of each consumer versus solely focusing on a handful of attributes.

Top 5 Benefits of GeoType

  1. See your customers through a 360° multi-dimensional lens to get a full view of their visits, purchases, passions, values, and motivations.
  2. Discover your out-of-the-box ‘unknown’ customers.
  3. Get to know your direct competitors’ most loyal and ‘hidden’ customers.
  4. Expand your audience targeting strategies beyond a handful of attributes.
  5. Highly scalable, and provides marketers with an additive targeting tactic.

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