Political marketers need an effective mobile ad strategy but face the challenge of targeting the right audience. Reaching specific voters on mobile devices can be difficult when considering factors such as voters’ party affiliation or congressional districts that don’t follow zip code boundaries. However, pairing location data with mobile ads solves those issues for political marketers, allowing them to effectively reach their mobile ROI. Download our Quick Guide to discover how you can improve engagement with your core audience while avoiding wasted ad spend.

The Political Advertising Quick Guide includes:

  • An overview of mobile location-based tools available to drive campaign fundraising, educate voters on key issues, and increase top-of-mind awareness
  • Proven mobile strategies you can use to increase political campaign KPIs
  • Creative tips to make your political mobile ads successful with and relevant to voters
  • An example of a two-pronged approach to a political mobile ad campaign focused on increasing candidate recognition and fundraising

Download Your Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Political Advertising