The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Holiday Advertising

For many brands, the holiday season is the most crucial time of year. It’s a time when marketing efforts must be exact, targeted, and well-planned. With so much at stake, it becomes vital for marketers to ensure they are covering all their bases and thinking mobile first in terms of their Q4 plan.

This Quick Guide was created to help marketers leverage location data in order to reach key audiences and amplify their holiday messaging and promotions.

The Holiday Advertising Quick Guide includes:

  • An overview of mobile location-based tools available to reach holiday shoppers and drive retail foot traffic
  • Strategies you can use to increase the success of your mobile holiday campaigns
  • Creative tips to make your holiday ads interactive and relevant to holiday shoppers and showroomers alike
  • An example of a holiday mobile campaign focused on retargeting customers and driving foot traffic

Download Your Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Holiday Advertising