For channel partners, we expand your audience footprint and help you grow by providing an end-to-end mobile advertising platform with location-based targeting data, dedicated customer support, and solutions for highly localized campaigns.


    Whether planning a local campaign for a national brand, or helping a regional brand grow in-market, we have the scale and technology to deliver. Only Thinknear offers the scale and mobile expertise to run highly targeted campaigns with accurate location context. With nearly 20 years of experience in mobile and location, we know what it takes to deliver for our partners.

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    Location is the primary tool for delivering highly effective localized mobile campaigns. We give you tools to better understand local consumers and build precise audiences that drive foot traffic for your customers. Location-based campaigns include proximity, contextual, and behavioral data—such as location types, time of day, landmarks, movement patterns, and even weather to dramatically improve targeting and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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    With our Geolink platform, you’re the mobile authority. You get hands-on, in-house control of your campaigns plus the support you need from us. Our partner program includes hands-on demos and training, strategy recommendations and best practices, and regular team calls. We work with you to create a successful partnership that provides value to you and your clients. 

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To get started, let’s talk about your customers and your industry, and how our Geolink platform can help drive your business forward. From on-boarding to ongoing sales support, we’ll give you the tools that expand your digital offering and give you the ability to target customers with accurate data and robust reporting, all in an easy-to-use platform.

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