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Scored GeoFence.

Location accuracy is at the core of our ability to engage with consumers based on their real-time location. A Scored GeoFence allows you to use proximity-based targeting with the market’s most precise location data. Accurate data reduces waste and ensures your campaign is delivered to in-market consumers based on specific location-based targeting tactics, such as proximity targeting or competitor conquesting.


GeoAudience allows you to use location data to build better household and demographic profiles. Reach consumers based on their age, gender, race, income, or lifestyle. Show one mobile ad to millennials while tweaking it for stay-at-home moms. Or reach football fans while segmenting your audience based on age demographics. GeoAudience allows you to slice-and-dice your way to your exact target mobile demographic.


The places consumers shop, travel, and play tell you a lot about their likes and dislikes. Marketers can use GeoBehavioral data to re-target customers who recently visited certain physical locations. This is a great way to engage consumers based on their real world actions.

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