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Some people say small screen creative is limiting.

We say some people aren't thinking big enough.

Mobile is the only advertising medium that allows consumers to truly interact with brands on a personal level. Better data means better consumer experiences, and we love working with marketers who savor the sweet taste of data-driven creative. Feel free to romp and roam to the edges of advertising creativity while brainstorming for mobile. We believe location data should only enhance, never hinder, your advertising imagination.

Gamify. Locate. Wipe. Watch. Showcase. The creative possibilities are truly endless.

Mobile devices are responsive and versatile, so we believe mobile ads should be the same. Making mobile ad creative interactive allows your audience to really connect with your brand. With the added benefit of reaching your audience based on rich location data, connectivity takes on a whole new meaning.

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Video the way you want it. Location targeting the way you need it.

Thinknear GeoVideo allows brands to apply Thinknear’s full suite of location-based audience solutions to video advertising on mobile devices. Rather than targeting based on certain apps or zip code data, we can make use of Scored GeoFences, GeoAudiences, and GeoBehavioral targeting products. Using location data, this allows advertisers to much more effectively deliver an in-stream video experience for a specific target audience.

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