The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to TV Marketing

Promoting network television programs is increasingly becoming a challenge. With the growing popularity of streaming services and digital media, it can be hard to grab the attention of potential viewers. Today’s consumers have multiple screens vying for consideration. It is more important than ever to make sure your marketing dollars are spent on consumers who fall within your target audience and are most likely to become a fan of the TV show you’re promoting.

The Quick Guide to TV Tune-In includes:

  • An overview of mobile location-based tools available to drive tune-in
  • Proven strategies you can use to increase campaign ROI and increase viewership
  • Creative tips to make your mobile ads successful while staying relevant to your audience
  • Measurement strategies to ensure you can prove your mobile campaign’s success
  • An example location-based mobile campaign for a new television show

Download Your Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Television