Download The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Theatrical Releases

In-theater movie releases are competing with home DVDs, cable streaming options, YouTube, Netflix, and other digital entertainment channels. It is increasingly important that entertainment marketers target moviegoers most likely to visit a theater to watch the premiere of a new film. This makes it crucial to utilize data-driven marketing techniques to increase campaign ROI and drive audiences into the theater.

The Quick Guide to Theatrical Releases includes:

  • An overview of mobile location-based tools available for entertainment marketers
  • Proven strategies you can use to increase campaign ROI and target moviegoers accurately
  • Creative tips to make your mobile ads successful and drive in-theater visits
  • Measurement strategies to ensure you can prove your mobile campaign’s success
  • An example location-based mobile campaign for a theatrical release

Download Your Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Theatrical Releases