Is Mobile Location Data Truly Accurate if it’s Not Consistent?

Is accuracy without consistency truly accurate?

The short answer for marketers: no, especially when it comes to mobile location-based ads.

Consider for a moment the game of basketball. The goal is to be accurate in getting the ball through the hoop. Do this more times than your opponent — be more consistent in the accuracy of the shots you take — and you win the game. Be less consistent and you lose.

In mobile location-based marketing, you’re always competing against others to win clients’ and brands’ dollars. Accuracy is essential to running an effective, high-performing campaign that engages consumers, raises brand awareness, boosts sales, and makes clients happy. To keep winning the business, success on one campaign isn’t enough. You need to be consistently successful on every campaign. Yes, accurate delivery of that first ad impression on that first campaign counts. But being consistently accurate with every impression for every campaign counts even more.  

The problem you as a marketer face is, How do I ensure consistent accuracy across millions of impressions? You deem third-party vendors as “trusted,” then operate with the expectation that, on the whole, those millions of impressions will all be accurate. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. And so, most marketers end up relying on platforms and vendors that are just kinda accurate, with little governance, oversight, or rigorous scrutiny.

This is why Thinknear developed a process for ensuring consistent accuracy across every mobile campaign, for every impression, every time.

Geolink, our self-serve mobile ad platform, uses our proprietary Location Score technology to rigorously evaluate every single programmatic mobile ad impression that’s being passed via our inventory exchange partners in real time — before we place a bid on it. This happens in milliseconds, entirely in the background, with no extra work for you, the Geolink user.

Each impression is evaluated via our sophisticated algorithms that analyze:

  1. the location data source;
  2. the physical makeup and density of the location;
  3. the history of reliability from the physical location; and
  4. the history of the reliability of the app that’s passing the location data.

Geolink combines all this information to paint a rich, detailed picture of a mobile device’s location, and to assess the likelihood that the data we’re receiving really is accurate. Only when we feel confident that the picture being painted is a masterpiece do we bid on that impression.

This multi-step process ensures consistent accuracy, from the first impression through to the last, on every campaign. With Geolink, marketers can feel confident that the mobile devices — and mobile users — they’re serving ad impressions to really are where the location data tells us they are.

Thinknear’s obsessive scrutiny of every impression run means that we ignore a lot of potential ad inventory other companies may consider accurate — up to 99% of inventory analyzed, depending on the campaign. But this diligence allows us to achieve the very best campaign results. It’s something our clients have relied on us for for nearly a decade. It all adds up to high-impact campaign performance, no wasted impressions or budget, and campaigns that work harder and are considerably more accurate. Every time.

When millions of impressions, dollars, and consumers’ eyeballs are on the line, being semi- accurate doesn’t guarantee a campaign win. Consistently accurate mobile location data ensures that you win the campaign game, and repeat business. Slam dunk.

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