The Secret to Killer Mobile Marketing Campaign Performance

Most marketers aren’t math majors. But chances are you probably have one equation committed to memory:

the right ad + the right person + the right place + the right time = marketing ROI

While the equation looks simple, it’s not so easy to solve — especially when it comes to mobile location-based marketing.

Thinknear has earned a reputation as the industry’s most reliable campaign performance provider. Our campaigns outperform the industry — by a lot. It’s why Fortune 100 companies and top ad agencies keep coming back to us, year after year, to run their mobile location-based ad campaigns. Our algorithms and experienced service teams join forces to consistently deliver the right ads to the right people at the right places and times. Consistent location accuracy and high-performance are our specialties.

Over the years, we’ve learned that superior campaign performance depends on two things: technology and people. It’s both data-driven and emotion-driven. In terms of technology, accurate location data relies on sophisticated algorithms; however, even an accurately served ad is only successful if it connects to the right human emotions — the right place, at the right time. This combination becomes an opportunity for engagement by making the user think, This speaks to me. I want to learn more.

This is the power of location-based advertising: Connecting with a user by targeting them based on where they are in the real world.

Great marketers rely on trusted technology partners to deliver accurate, high-performing ad campaigns — not just sometimes, but every time. It’s how to generate a positive user response and ensure that both the ad’s message and the campaign’s intent are being exposed to a consumer who has an offline, physical relationship to what’s being advertised.

Thinknear’s self-serve mobile advertising platform, Geolink, empowers our partners with access to our sophisticated location accuracy technology to help them achieve those same outstanding campaign performance results for their clients. Our partners who have used Geolink in conjunction with other targeting strategies have consistently seen Geolink ads outperform other tactics in their marketing plans.

And we can do the same for you. Now you, too, can achieve consistently accurate location data and killer campaign performance for your clients…and keep winning their business. Just like us.

Now that’s an equation anyone can feel comfortable solving.