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Precision vs. Accuracy: Location Score Index Q4 2014


Thinknear launched the first Location Score Index in May 2014 to provide marketers with the transparency they need to understand the quality of mobile location data. Location-based mobile advertising opens the door to reach consumers in new and exciting ways, but understanding location accuracy is crucial to campaign effectiveness.

This Q4 report is our third edition of the Location Score Index and confirms that there is no easy answer to the industry's location accuracy issues. While the volume of mobile programmatic inventory has greatly increased over the past year, finding the highest quality data continues to present a challenge to marketers. Download the latest report to understand what is happening in the programmatic space and how the quality of location data can impact your campaign.

This report includes insights on:

  • The current state of location data quality in the mobile ecosystem
  • How location data is generated
  • The difference between precision and accuracy
  • The impact of good location data on campaign performance

Download Location Score Index Q4 2014

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