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Infographic: Why Purchasing Personas are Critical to CPG Brands

The CPG market may be cluttered, and buyers are definitely fickle — but the mobile marketing space gives you the room you need to influence consumers. Location intelligence and robust data analytics can provide the who, when, and where for engaging digital experiences that keep existing customers happy and entice new ones to buy.

Infographic: Location Data in the Mobile Ecosystem

Location accuracy starts at the publisher level, and app developers have realized it pays to share location data. Publishers use a variety of sources to determine user location, with the accuracy of these sources ranging considerably. This infographic will help you make sure your lat/long isn't lat/wrong.

Infographic: The Mobile Marketer's Guide to Holiday Shopping 2014

Thinknear profiled holiday shoppers to help marketers understand this year's consumer trends. We found that mobile is a major driver for holiday sales decisions, and consumers are wanting more helpful information and better experiences from brands on mobile.

Infographic: The Mobile Marketer's Guide to NFL Fans

Mobile devices are creating new opportunities for brands to connect with specific audiences. We looked at the NFL fan base to better understand their mobile usage patterns and identify strategies to engage with fans in the locations that matter most.

Infographic: The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to Back-to-School Shopping

Thinknear profiled back-to-school shoppers to understand their mobile shopping behavior. We found that consumers are using their mobile phones both to plan for back-to-school shopping in advance and while in-store.

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