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Engagement Rates for Sunscreen Brand 2X Industry Average

header-sunscreen-case-studyThinknear worked with a large skin care company to develop a mobile campaign for their sunscreen product that would resonate with beach visitors and other enthusiasts of outdoor summer activities. We leveraged real-time user location data and a proprietary place database to target users and to drive brand awareness and retail sales.

Allergy Medication Brand Sees 500% Increase in Engagement

header-allergy-case-studyThinknear worked with a large pharmaceutical company to develop an engaging mobile experience designed to build awareness for an allergy medication. The brand’s goals were to encourage trial of the allergy medication in areas of the U.S. in which pollen counts were well above average.

Shakey's Pizza Parlor Uses GeoAudience Targeting to Increase CTR 8.7%

Los Angeles-based Shakey's Pizza Parlor partnered with Thinknear on a mobile campaign to target Hispanic audiences both with Spanish and English language creative. Read how different audiences and different languages affected the campaign.

Grape-Nuts Sees Engagement Increase Up To 31% With Dynamic Creative

Post Grape Nuts Case Study by ThinknearPost Foods sees ad engagement increase up to 31% with a location-based audience campaign compared to a control group of a DMA-level, generically targeted campaign.

Jeep Sees 35% Reduction in Cost Per Dealer Visit with Scored Inventory

Jeep's mobile campaign sees 102% greater lift in dealer visits and 35% lower cost per dealer visit using Thinknear’s scored location data versus unscored data. Learn how Thinknear’s Location Score technology improves mobile campaign performance.

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