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4 Audiences Retail Brands Can Easily Reach with Mobile Ads

Location data allows you to create thousands of unique personas. As a retail brand, your goals are to drive in-store visits, increase sales, and nurture loyalty. Learn about four audience profiles that can easily be applied across various retail brands to drive success.

Video killed the radio star. What’s video’s next move?

header-mobilevideo-blogpostChanges in how we consume media are accompanied by where we consume video-based media, and the clear trend is that we’re doing it on-the-go. Video is becoming a mobile medium. This shift impacts not only content developers, but also the brands and marketers who rely on on traditional and digital media forums to pitch their wares through the beloved “TV” commercial.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Audience Engagement

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Audience EngagementWhen targeting a specific demographic, mobile marketers know that the data fueling their campaign needs to be accurate to reach the intended audience. How can a well-targeted campaign across mobile devices work in your favor for increasing audience engagement and, ultimately, sales?

Shakey's Pizza Parlor Uses GeoAudience Targeting to Increase CTR 8.7%

Los Angeles-based Shakey's Pizza Parlor partnered with Thinknear on a mobile campaign to target Hispanic audiences both with Spanish and English language creative. Read how different audiences and different languages affected the campaign.

Grape-Nuts Sees Engagement Increase Up To 31% With Dynamic Creative

Post Grape Nuts Case Study by ThinknearPost Foods sees ad engagement increase up to 31% with a location-based audience campaign compared to a control group of a DMA-level, generically targeted campaign.

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