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3 Reasons To Kick Your Extended Holiday Mobile Advertising Into High Gear

As consumers spend more time on mobile devices to meet their holiday needs, research indicates that people are also searching for and purchasing gifts much earlier and later in the year. Here are three compelling reasons to kickstart your mobile advertising strategy well ahead of the peak holiday season.

LBA vs. DMA: How Location Data Can Deliver More Value for Retail

The go-to connection between retail marketers and location data is simple, but ineffective: Most stores will set up a geofenced ad campaign to drive in-store traffic in the immediate area during a given time.

4 Audiences Retail Brands Can Easily Reach with Mobile Ads

Location data allows you to create thousands of unique personas. As a retail brand, your goals are to drive in-store visits, increase sales, and nurture loyalty. Learn about four audience profiles that can easily be applied across various retail brands to drive success.

Mobile Attribution: How Foot Traffic Measurement Works

Why is it so difficult to measure mobile advertising ROI? In our 2016 report, we take an in-depth look at mobile attribution approaches for measuring foot traffic, how they work, and additional factors to consider when choosing a measurement provider.

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Holiday Advertising

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Holiday AdvertisingFor many brands, the holiday season is the most crucial time of year. It’s a time when marketing efforts must be exact, targeted, and well-planned. With so much at stake, it becomes vital for marketers to ensure they are covering all their bases and thinking mobile first in terms of their Q4 plan.

Retailers, Is Showrooming Ruining Your Holiday Spirit? Try These 4 Mobile Advertising Strategies

header-blog-showroomingPrevious studies from the 4A’s found that 25% of showroomers planned to buy in-store but then changed their minds. How can retail marketers embrace showrooming? We’ve highlighted four mobile advertising strategies to ensure brands make the most of their holiday advertising.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Brand Advertising

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Brand AdvertisingBrand marketers know their consumer segments, but reaching those segments on mobile isn’t always easy. Location-based audience tools leverage context, demographics, and consumer location profiles to enable campaigns that truly connect with the target audience.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Retail

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Retail Mobile MarketingAs a retail marketer, you face an increasingly large challenge in terms of planning for mobile. New technologies, such as beacons, wearables, and location-based targeting tools, present opportunities that must be evaluated, and retailers who think mobile first will be rewarded. Retail marketers know it’s time to focus on mobile, but tactics and strategies can vary considerably.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Foot Traffic

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Foot TrafficMore people than ever are using mobile devices to research and buy products, changing the traditional path to purchase. Brick and mortar advertisers who want to drive foot traffic through the door need to find and engage their target audience at the right time and in the right place, ensuring that the ads are relevant.

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