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Driving to Purchase with Mobile: The Auto Buyer’s Ultimate Companion

An auto shopper’s phone is the ultimate companion through every step and are easily swayed by another OEM’s advertising while visiting a dealership of their choice -- an opportunity for automakers to leverage location advertising for both retention and conquesting tactics.

Mobile Attribution: How Foot Traffic Measurement Works

Why is it so difficult to measure mobile advertising ROI? In our 2016 report, we take an in-depth look at mobile attribution approaches for measuring foot traffic, how they work, and additional factors to consider when choosing a measurement provider.

Automotive Brands Offer Early Road Map For Location-Based Marketing

Automotive marketing has long been organized into three well-established tiers. CPG brands upping their investments in mobile advertising can learn from the auto vertical’s use of location data to better link their targeting and creative strategies.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Driving Purchase Intent

Mobile Marketing Quick Guide Mobile Ads Purchase IntentMore and more consumers are researching purchase decisions on mobile devices, and mobile is quickly overtaking desktop as the dominant digital channel. Marketers face the challenge of influencing purchase intent in a world where audience segments have blurred, customers are on-the-go, and purchase decisions can occur in a matter of seconds.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Foot Traffic

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Foot TrafficMore people than ever are using mobile devices to research and buy products, changing the traditional path to purchase. Brick and mortar advertisers who want to drive foot traffic through the door need to find and engage their target audience at the right time and in the right place, ensuring that the ads are relevant.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Tier 1 Automotive

The Mobile Marketer's Quick Guide to Tier 1 AutomotiveAutomotive marketers face new challenges as consumers shift research and buying patterns away from the traditional “on-lot” experience. Location-based mobile marketing offers you the opportunity to connect with your target audience to deliver engaging content that builds awareness and brand loyalty.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Tier 2 & 3 Automotive

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Tier 2 & 3 AutomotiveActive car buyers are in the market for a short period of time, conducting their research on-the-go. Car owners looking for automotive service centers have a number of options to choose from. How can you quickly reach these customers and bring them to the dealership—before your competitor does?

Jeep Sees 35% Reduction in Cost Per Dealer Visit with Scored Inventory

Jeep's mobile campaign sees 102% greater lift in dealer visits and 35% lower cost per dealer visit using Thinknear’s scored location data versus unscored data. Learn how Thinknear’s Location Score technology improves mobile campaign performance.

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