Big news! We are officially a part of the inMarket family

Dear friends, clients, and partners,

For more than seven years, Thinknear has been working hard to deliver unmatched value by connecting brands and consumers accurately, transparently, and effectively through the power of location.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are enhancing our vision by joining the inMarket team.

Our combined team will provide marketers with a suite of location and behavioral-based targeting solutions that will enable meaningful customer experiences in the moments that matter most. Our Thinknear clients will benefit from access to InMarket’s native mobile engagement experiences while InMarket’s customers will benefit from Thinknear’s scale and location expertise.

Our clients and partners can expect business as usual and we will be sharing details with you soon on all the new opportunities this combination will enable.

  • Thinknear clients will gain access to all of inMarket’s advanced media, including Moments, Preceptivity and Audiences.
  • Thinknear clients will continue to have access to all of  Thinknear’s products such as Geotype and Geolink, as well as legendary location score performance.
  • Thinknear clients will be able to continue working with the same award-winning sales, account management and ad-ops teams that have helped them drive successful campaign results.

Thank you to all of the amazing people, clients, and partners who have gotten us to this point. We look forward to starting the next big chapter and we’re committed to continuing to provide the best service and results for all of our clients and partners.

Onward and upward,

The Thinknear Team