Location Score Technology by Thinknear

Our Location Score™ technology is Totally Magnificent.

(That’s what the TM stands for.)

Accurate targeting is dependent on high quality location data. But the industry is challenged with issues surrounding the supposed “quality” of that location data. Thinknear’s Location Score technology is at the forefront of solving this challenge for advertisers. Better location accuracy translates into deepened ad engagement, more relevant context, and a better user experience.

If the data is bad,
you can’t deliver the goods.

Every Thinknear mobile campaign leverages our Location Score technology to help marketers identify and leverage the most accurate location data, while discarding or ignoring ad opportunities with poor quality data. Check out our latest Location Score Index.

You handle all the media buying,
we manhandle all the clutter.

Thinknear’s Location Score technology can be integrated into your programmatic environment to better inform your location ad buying opportunities—improving performance and ensuring the audience you are paying to target is the audience you are actually getting.

We verify targets so accurately,
hit men are jealous.

Using short lines of code embedded into ad creative or mobile landing pages, Location Score Tags help marketers verify the validity of their location targeted campaigns on any mobile ad network. Thinknear helps you better understand where your mobile ads are being served and whether or not your campaigns are hitting the target.

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