Thinknear’s Amazon Shopper Survey Results

Location-based intelligence provides the ability for brands to leverage real-time data to reach their consumers with timely, targeted, and personalized messaging. Brands can target consumers based on where they go, where they’ve been, and can effectively measure behavior after a consumer has been exposed to an ad. Given the power of location-based marketing, Thinknear sought to determine how the evolution of the digital world has changed in-store foot traffic and consumer behavior.

In January 2018, immediately following the holiday shopping season, Thinknear conducted a digital survey of more than 1,000 Amazon shoppers to learn where brick and mortar fits in and what are the driving factors for in-store vs. e-commerce.

Despite Amazon’s seemingly omnipresence in the news, the survey found that in-store shopping is still very much relevant for consumers.

Learn more about the survey findings below.

Brick & Mortar isn’t Dead & In-Store Shopping is Still Preferred

Source: Thinknear Shopper Survey, January 2018 n=1,000

Of those surveyed, 61% stated they prefer to shop in-store while only 39% stated they prefer to shop on Amazon.

Additionally, 94% of Amazon Shoppers also shop in-store, while only 54% of in-store shoppers also shop on Amazon.

In-store Shoppers Shop More Frequently

Source: Thinknear Shopper Survey, January 2018 n=1,000

Thinknear’s survey reveals that 57% of respondents shop in-store once a week or more. However, only 28% of Amazon shoppers shop once a week or more.

Shopping Drivers

Source: Thinknear Shopper Survey, January 2018 n=1,000

The survey found that individuals tend to shop in-store for daily needs such as groceries, beauty & health and pet needs.

However, the top items typically purchased on Amazon include Electronics, Apparel & Shoes and Entertainment (Books, Movies, Music and Games).

The Why?

  • In-store: Ability to see products and immediate need were the two top reasons cited for in-store shoppers, and product selection rounding out the top 3 reasons.
  • Amazon: Speed of Delivery, Pricing and ability to shop from anywhere were the top 3 reasons cited for shopping on Amazon


The survey also found that men are more likely to buy Electronics and Sports/Outdoors on Amazon than women. Women are more likely to buy Apparel & Shoes, and Beauty & Health products in-store than men.

Amazon shoppers making $50k+ also shop at Best Buy, Target and Department stores and enjoy in-store shopping for convenience (i.e. are less price conscious).

The driving force for Amazon shoppers to shop in-store was convenience, followed by the ability to ensure product quality in-person. While in-store shoppers mostly also shop on Amazon driven by price, convenience and speedy delivery/Amazon Prime.

By offering same-day or 2-day shipping, and promoting these new options, brick and mortar retailers can retain customers and win back their loyalty.