Geolink: The First and Only Mobile Ad Platform with Built-in Location Accuracy Technology

As a marketer, you know that success depends on the right audience seeing the right message at the right time. If you learned that your TV spots were airing not only at the wrong time but also halfway across the country from your targeted market, it’s a fair bet you’d first get super angry then cancel those spots ASAP!

Unfortunately, this type of error is common in the digital space, particularly with mobile location-based ads. What’s worse, no one even notices.

Location-targeted ads have incredible value in reaching the right user at the peak of their consumer journey. But to achieve that value, the location data has to be accurate. Too often, it’s not.

The Mobile Marketing Association reports that, of the nearly 60% of mobile ad requests that contain some form of location data, less than a third are accurate within 50-100 meters of the target location.

What’s more, our own Location Score Index reporting shows that nearly a quarter of location data is inaccurate by more than 10km, or over 6 miles. If you think you’re targeting a consumer at a specific address, but in reality she’s in the next city over, what’s the point? You’ve just frustrated her with an irrelevant ad, wasting an impression and your budget.

At Thinknear, location accuracy powers everything we do. We dedicate more research and development resources to it than anyone else. Our mission has always been to connect brands, agencies, and partners with consumers in the moments that matter — anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. Our proprietary algorithms double- and triple-check the location data of every single impression before it’s served, ensuring the most accurate targeting available.

Now, this technology is available directly to our partners via our Geolink platform — the industry’s first and only self-serve mobile ad platform with location accuracy built right in.

Geolink puts our powerful location data technology directly into YOUR hands. The platform uses a proprietary bidding algorithm to evaluate every single ad impression for quality and accuracy before it’s served to a user’s mobile device. And, it employs multiple levels of validation to exclude bad location data and ad inventory.

Here’s the best part: Geolink’s location technology works seamlessly in the background, giving you 100% certainty that mobile ads really are being seen by the right people in the right location at the right time. You also get the flexibility to scale and optimize mobile campaigns in real-time. Every campaign, right down to every impression, benefits from this powerful tech. No extra work necessary. No waste. Always accurate. Every time.

Eighteen years ago, our parent company, Telenav, was the first to put GPS navigation on mobile phones. Today, we’re perfecting that same technology not only to analyze and educate the entire mobile marketing industry, but to innovate and empower our brand and marketing partners.

It’s an exciting time for marketers. As the volume of location-based mobile ad inventory keeps growing — at an estimated 60% to 80% every year — there will be even more opportunities to reach more consumers on more devices than ever before. Super-accurate, high-quality location data is the key to delivering a relevant user experience AND a high-performing campaign.

So, instead of getting angry, get accurate.

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