Location Score Index Q2 2016

Thinknear’s Location Score Index Q2 2016 explains why the quality of location data has not improved in the industry, despite a large increase in the volume of data available. Learn about the evolution of mobile location and the real-world impact of inaccurate data.

Mobile Attribution: How Foot Traffic Measurement Works

Why is it so difficult to measure mobile advertising ROI? In our 2016 report, we take an in-depth look at mobile attribution approaches for measuring foot traffic, how they work, and additional factors to consider when choosing a measurement provider.

Location Score Index Q1 2015

Thinknear’s quarterly report gives marketers insight into the quality of mobile location data in the industry. The report has been acknowledged by eMarketer, Bloomberg, AdExchanger, and more. Understanding data accuracy is crucial to campaign effectiveness.

Precision vs. Accuracy: Location Score Index Q4 2014

Thinknear’s Q4 2014 Location Score Index clarifies the difference between precision and accuracy, and explains how location data can impact your campaign performance.

The Location Data Buyer’s Guide by Thinknear

Thinknear addresses each of the IAB’s 12 recommended questions for media buyers, providing a better understanding of Thinknear’s location data and how it is used.

Location Score Index Q3 2014

Thinknear’s Location Score Index reports on the state of data quality in the industry and provides strategic insights to marketers. In our Q3 2014 edition, we discuss a question often asked by brand marketers, “When does location accuracy actually matter?”

Improving Monetization: A Location Overview for Mobile Publishers

The percentage of mobile ad inventory containing location data has grown from approximately 10% in 2012 to over 67% in 2014. This paper was written to help mobile app and mobile web publishers gain a better understanding of location data and the monetary benefits of improving the quality and accuracy of location data associated with programmatic ad exchanges.

Location Score Index Q2 2014

In our first edition of the Location Score Index, Thinknear found that store visitation rates increase substantially with high quality location data.