The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Audience Engagement

When targeting a specific demographic, mobile marketers know that the data fueling their campaign needs to be accurate to reach the intended audience. How can a well-targeted campaign across mobile devices work in your favor for increasing audience engagement and, ultimately, sales?

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Driving Purchase Intent

More and more consumers are researching purchase decisions on mobile devices, and mobile is quickly overtaking desktop as the dominant digital channel. Marketers face the challenge of influencing purchase intent in a world where audience segments have blurred, customers are on-the-go, and purchase decisions can occur in a matter of seconds.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Retail

As a retail marketer, you face an increasingly large challenge in terms of planning for mobile. New technologies, such as beacons, wearables, and location-based targeting tools, present opportunities that must be evaluated, and retailers who think mobile first will be rewarded. Retail marketers know it’s time to focus on mobile, but tactics and strategies can vary considerably.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Theatrical Releases

It is increasingly important that entertainment marketers target moviegoers most likely to visit a theater to watch the premier of a new film. This makes it crucial to utilize data-driven marketing techniques to increase campaign ROI and drive audiences into the theater.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Restaurant Marketing

Quick-service and casual dining restaurants share a common goal: bringing consumers to the table. An
empty seat in a restaurant is a perishable resource that disappears if not filled. Restaurant marketers
need to build awareness for their locations over time but also need to reach consumers close to the
moment of decision when they are looking for dining options.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to TV Tune-In

Promoting network television programs is increasingly becoming a challenge. With the growing popularity of streaming services and digital media, it can be hard to grab potential viewers’ attention. Today’s consumers have multiple screens vying for consideration. Now, it is more important than ever to make sure your marketing dollars are spent on consumers who fall within your target audience and are most likely to become a fan of the TV show you’re promoting.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Foot Traffic

More people than ever are using mobile devices to research and buy products, changing the traditional path to purchase. Brick and mortar advertisers who want to drive foot traffic through the door need to find and engage their target audience at the right time and in the right place, ensuring that the ads are relevant.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers are increasingly faced with difficulties in reaching specific audience segments. With so much data on hand, it’s important to parse through it and discover the “why” behind consumer preference. Only then can you optimize marketing campaigns so your ads reach those most likely to connect with your brand.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Tier 1 Automotive

Automotive marketers face new challenges as consumers shift research and buying patterns away from the traditional “on-lot” experience. Location-based mobile marketing offers you the opportunity to connect with your target audience to deliver engaging content that builds awareness and brand loyalty.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Tier 2 & 3 Automotive

Active car buyers are in the market for a short period of time, conducting their research on-the-go. Car owners looking for automotive service centers have a number of options to choose from. How can you quickly reach these customers and bring them to the dealership—before your competitor does?