Thinknear worked with a large skin care company to develop a mobile campaign that would resonate with beach visitors and other enthusiasts of outdoor summer activities. The brand’s goals were to deliver a relevant ad to mobile users that would drive retail sales for sunscreen and increase overall purchase intent among mobile users.

Approach & Strategy

The sunscreen’s core audience is made up of people who actively spend time outdoors, especially at beaches, pools, and parks. Thinknear leveraged real-time user location data and a proprietary place database to target users. Additionally, Thinknear incorporated the local UV index dynamically into each of the ads to ensure consumers were only reached in areas where the sun was out and the temperatures were high.

The sunscreen brand was intent on reaching consumers in geographies where the sun was bright, but they also wanted to narrow targeting to people who were part of the core sunscreen audience. By focusing on mobile users near beaches, pools, and parks, the ad became more relevant and engaging for the consumer. Thinknear also incorporated local inventory data into the ads so users would know the nearest store where they could purchase the sunscreen.

Results Summary

  • Millions of mobile users near beaches and parks engaged with the advertisement
  • Engagement rates exceeded industry averages by 2X
  • Performance peaked when the UV index reached over 8 and when temperatures neared 100 degrees—which highlights the importance of contextual targeting