Leverage location-based audience data to build brand awareness and engagement with Hispanics in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Approach & Strategy

To demonstrate the power of Thinknear’s location-based audience targeting techniques, we designed the campaign to target Hispanics within two large designated market areas (DMAs).

Control Group: Generic Targeting

We targeted all mobile consumers within the two DMAs without applying an audience filter. This is a typical mobile marketing brand tactic and served as our control group. The creative was standard across both groups.

Test Group: Hispanics within Target DMA

We targeted consumers within the same two DMAs, but applied a Hispanic audience layer by targeting neighborhood groups within the DMAs that were at least 50% Hispanic.

The campaign consisted of two creatives: Bunch of Lunch and Pizza Chicken Mojos. The strategy was to appeal to the Hispanic population through both English and Spanish languages. We kept the creative standard across both the test group and the control group to minimize any biases.

Results Summary

When evaluating CTR, we found that the Test Group which featured location-based audience targeting of Hispanics outperformed the Control Group by 8.74%. CTR was not impacted by use of Spanish or English language in the creative.

When analysing conversions, we see that the Spanish language creative significantly outperformed the control (+20.50%) while the English creative underperformed (-10.68%).