Leverage location-based audience data to build brand awareness and engagement with outdoor enthusiasts.

Approach & Strategy

To demonstrate the power of Thinknear’s location-based audience targeting techniques, we designed multiple strategies to test as part of this campaign.

Test Group A: Generic National Targeting

We targeted all mobile consumers within the three designated market areas (DMAs) without applying an audience filter. This is typical of the approach used by other mobile ad networks and served as our control group. Non-localized creative was used.

Test Group B: Active Lifestyle Audience within Target DMA

We targeted consumers within the same three DMAs, but applied an Active Lifestyle audience layer. These are consumers that spend a lot of time outdoors in parks, beaches, and at stadiums. They also frequent places such as sporting good stores and health food stores. Non-localized creative was used.

Test Group C: Active Lifestyle with Localized Creative

We leveraged the same targeting as Group B, but enhanced the ad unit with location-based dynamic creative featuring localized content.

Campaign creative was dynamically localized to make the ads more relevant and engaging. The campaign featured creative assets customized for each locale along with a landing page that served all three metropolitan areas.

Results Summary

When evaluating CTR, we found that Test Group B and C, which featured location-based audience targeting, both outperformed Test Group A. Additionally, we noted that the addition of localized content further enhanced the performance of Test Group C over Test Group B.


Looking beyond CTR, we noted that secondary action rates were also up to 31% higher for location-based audience targeting relative to Test Group A.