Thinknear worked with a large pharmaceutical company to develop an engaging mobile experience designed to build awareness for an allergy medication. The brand’s goals were to encourage trial of the allergy medication in areas of the U.S. in which pollen counts were well above average.

Approach & Strategy

Thinknear leveraged real-time location data to match mobile users who were actively located in high pollen count geographies. Additionally, the campaign featured a co-marketing opportunity in which mobile users were provided information on the nearest store selling the medication.

Live pollen data was integrated into Thinknear’s Location Score platform to ensure ads were only served to mobile users in areas with a high pollen count. Because pollen can vary day-to-day, the data was updated in real time to improve the efficacy of the campaign. Additionally, the campaign featured a rich media experience in which the user’s screen was covered in digital pollen that could be wiped away to engage with the advertisement.

Results Summary

  • Ad engagement increased 500% as pollen count increased, peaking at pollen index levels of 7 and greater
  • 4% post-click conversion rate, indicating deeper engagements beyond the initial click
  • Average time spent with the ad experience was over 37 seconds, 2.25X the industry average for pharmaceutical ads