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The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Political Advertising

Download our Quick Guide to discover how you can improve engagement with your core audience while avoiding wasted ad spend. The Quick Guide includes an overview of mobile location-based tools available to drive campaign fundraising, educate voters on key issues, and increase top-of-mind awareness.

Location Score Index Q1 2015

Thinknear’s quarterly report gives marketers insight into the quality of mobile location data in the industry. The report has been acknowledged by eMarketer, Bloomberg, AdExchanger, and more. Understanding data accuracy is crucial to campaign effectiveness.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Shopper Marketing

As consumers increasingly use mobile devices for product research, price comparisons, and coupon clipping, brands need to realize how they can reach targeted audiences across multiple touchpoints. What if you could reinforce point-of-purchase (POP) displays and other in-store promotions with a mobile campaign close to a consumer’s point of decision?

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Driving Purchase Intent

More and more consumers are researching purchase decisions on mobile devices, and mobile is quickly overtaking desktop as the dominant digital channel. Marketers face the challenge of influencing purchase intent in a world where audience segments have blurred, customers are on-the-go, and purchase decisions can occur in a matter of seconds.

Infographic: Location Data in the Mobile Ecosystem

Location accuracy starts at the publisher level, and app developers have realized it pays to share location data. Publishers use a variety of sources to determine user location, with the accuracy of these sources ranging considerably. This infographic will help you make sure your lat/long isn’t lat/wrong.

Engagement Rates for Sunscreen Brand 2X Industry Average

Thinknear worked with a large skin care company to develop a mobile campaign for their sunscreen product that would resonate with beach visitors and other enthusiasts of outdoor summer activities. We leveraged real-time user location data and a proprietary place database to target users and to drive brand awareness and retail sales.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Retail

As a retail marketer, you face an increasingly large challenge in terms of planning for mobile. New technologies, such as beacons, wearables, and location-based targeting tools, present opportunities that must be evaluated, and retailers who think mobile first will be rewarded. Retail marketers know it’s time to focus on mobile, but tactics and strategies can vary considerably.