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5G and the Future of Turbocharged Marketing

Within the next three years, wireless speeds are set to jump tenfold, making the current network look as antiquated as dial-up modems. What does this mean for consumers and marketers? Thinknear takes a look.

Thinknear at CES 2017

The Thinknear team is heading to Las Vegas for CES 2017!

We’d love to meet-up to talk mobile marketing, the latest trends in location technology, and even give a sneak peek into the future of the connected car marketing opportunity. We’re also hosting dinner and drinks and would love to have you along for some Vegas-style fun!

Why Location Data Will Decide the Next President of the United States

Technology is changing the way political campaigns are run. Silicon Valley has been evolving agile development processes, data-driven decisioning and the rise of digital marketing for years; and, those concepts are now fully spilling over into the run for the White House. The true game changer in politics is data and digital expertise. Those without it will not win.

Location Score Index Q2 2016

Thinknear’s Location Score Index Q2 2016 explains why the quality of location data has not improved in the industry, despite a large increase in the volume of data available. Learn about the evolution of mobile location and the real-world impact of inaccurate data.

4 Audiences Retail Brands Can Easily Reach with Mobile Ads

Location data allows you to create thousands of unique personas. As a retail brand, your goals are to drive in-store visits, increase sales, and nurture loyalty. Learn about four audience profiles that can easily be applied across various retail brands to drive success.

The Mobile Marketer’s Quick Guide to Holiday Advertising

For many brands, the holiday season is the most crucial time of year. It’s a time when marketing efforts must be exact, targeted, and well-planned. With so much at stake, it becomes vital for marketers to ensure they are covering all their bases and thinking mobile first in terms of their Q4 plan.