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Our mission is to deliver amazing mobile campaigns for our clients and partners. Wait, not just amazing. But bold. Smart. Fun. We believe the best way to do that is by leveraging the power of location data to better understand consumers, improve the mobile ad experience, and evolve the way marketers engage with their customers. Amen.

Making marketers’ mobile messages matter means everything. We’ve got a mania for ‘m’ words. See?

We know the mobile space is full of technology that sounds incredible. And we know how hard it is to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t. But we’re not here to sell you on a campaign.

We’re here to show you how location data—and the places people live, work, and play—can greatly enhance a marketer’s ability to reach and engage with people in a real, meaningful way.

Our experience speaks for itself. But we went ahead and wrote this anyway.

In 2012, Thinknear was acquired by Telenav, a location giant in its own right. Together we bring over 16 years of mobile location expertise to our clients and partners. We’ve powered location services for three of the top five U.S. mobile carriers, three of the top five U.S. auto manufacturers, and have more experience managing complex location data sets than any other mobile ad platform.

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