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5G and the Future of Turbocharged Marketing

The New Reality Of Location Targeting And Presidential Political Campaigns

Data: Location Data Boosts Ad Engagement 30%

Report: Accuracy of Location Data Declining as More Publishers Offer It

Why Accurate Location Data Is So Hard To Get

Unlocking the Mobile Advertising Opportunity: Getting Attribution Right

Why the Connected Car Will Surpass All Other IoT Initiatives (and Four Opportunities for Advertisers)

ThinkPolitical Primes Location Targeting For Political Marketers

Wearables May Yield A Flood Of ‘Emotional’ Data

Using Location to Identify and Segment Target Audiences

Ads can now tell how fast your heart is beating

Automotive Brands Offer Early Road Map For Location-Based Marketing

The Top 3 Mistakes Marketers Make When Going Mobile

Six Ways to Sell Location-Based Tech: Get Up Close and Personal

Mobile Publishers Still Messing Up with Bad Location Data

How 54 percent of mobile ads waste retailers' money

Latest Thinknear Research Shows Location Accuracy Still a Serious Challenge

Report: More Than Half of Mobile Location Data is Inaccurate

54% of Location-Targeted Mobile Ads Off By More Than Half a Mile

Thinknear Called Top Mobile Marketing Company By Gartner

Thinknear: Mobile, Geo-Targeting Are Changing In-Store Shopper Marketing Strategies

Gartner Recognizes Thinknear as a Mobile Marketing Leader

In Targeting the Lucrative Hispanic Market on Mobile, Location Data is Key

68% of mobile marketers leverage location-based targeting

People of Ad Tech: Thinknear's Loren Hillberg on Location-Based Ad Campaigns

Study: Accurate Location Can Boost Mobile Conversions By More Than 2X

Stockholm Syndrome + Loren Hillberg of Thinknear

As Mobile Ad Volume Rises, Location Accuracy Decreases

Study: Mobile's Data Problem Is Getting Worse

Report: Location-Enabled Ad Inventory Grows but Location Accuracy Declines

Thinknear Report Reveals Strong Industry Growth But Continued Challenges with Accuracy

Farsighted Thinknear Ready for the Future of Mobile Advertising

Thinknear Joins Forces with Mopub to Create Location-Based Native Ads

Where Does Accurate Location Data Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy

Thinknear Partners with MoPub For Native Ads

3 Things to Consider When Building a Mobile Advertising Campaign

Taking the Helm at Thinknear, Hillberg Blends Network and Data Disciplines

Significantly Insignificant: The 'Absurd Precision' of Location Marketing

Thinknear Chief: 'No Doubt' That Consolidation Coming in Mobile Ads

Jeep Case Study Highlights the Value of Accurate Location of Geotargeted Ads

Data Shows NFL Fans Want Scores On Their Mobile Devices Whether At Home Or In Venue

Targeting The Mobilized Fan

The Makegood Q&A with Loren Hillberg, President & GM, Thinknear by Telenav

Is Location More Than a Feature in Mobile Advertising?

As Election Nears, Location Targeting Can Help Deliver The Right Political Ads

Here's exactly how consumers will use their phones to shop this season

In-Store Mobile Shoppers: 30% Compare Prices, 27% Look for Sales, Coupons

Loren Hillberg Discusses His Role as Thinknear's New President and GM

Location-Based Ad Network Thinknear Snags a New CEO From Within

Exit Interview: Thinknear Founder Eli Portnoy Leaves Telenav

Marketers pressured to match strides with mobile-savvy consumers: IAB report

Location accuracy is approaching accuracy

LBMA Podcast: Google Outside, Urban Airship, and Thinknear's Eli Portnoy

Which Mobile Location Ads Are the Most Accurate?

Apple's Barometer: Designed For Fitness, But More Valuable For Advertising?

This Week in Location Based Marketing- Episode #200

Location accuracy analysis reveals improvement for mobile ad campaigns

Good News for Mobile Marketers: Location Accuracy is Improving

X is getting closer to the spot - with Thinknear's Eli Portnoy

12% Location Accuracy Improvement in Mobile Ads From Q2 to Q3 2014

Thinknear Report Reveals Industry Improvement in Location Accuracy

Targeted Mobile Shopping Ads Starting to Hit Home

How Marketers Can Use Mobile to Shape a Back-to-School Strategy

CPG - Mobile Shoppers & 15-Mile Deal Limit

Vacation Nation: Marketing to Summer Travelers

Scoring Location: A Conversation with Thinknear, Part II

This Week in Location Based Marketing #192

There's A 'Dirty Data' Secret The Mobile Ad Industry Doesn't Want To Talk About

Thinknear Helps Marketers Separate the Wheat from the Chaff in Mobile Ad Location Data

Where Is That Location Data From, Anyway?

Thinknear Launches Scoring Metric for Location-Based Targeting

Mobile Marketing Stumbles as Pandora Plays San Francisco Ads in New York

MCM #329: The Brutal Truth About Location-Based Ads... Most Aren't Accurate

Mobile Shopping & Location, Location, Location

BIA/Kelsey Podcast: A Conversation with Thinknear

That Location Data You're Relying On Is Probably Wrong

Wanted: An Ad Tech Rosetta Stone

As Location-Ads Become More Popular, Targeting Accuracy Suffers

Mobile Marketers: Are You Near Me Now?

Thinknear: Location Data of Mobile Impressions Is "Anything But Accurate"

Thinknear Tool Measures Accuracy of Mobile Location, Data Delivers Effective Campaigns to Marketers

Study: Rampant Data Fraud Poses a Threat to the Mobile Advertising Industry

Thinknear Rolls Out Location Score, Highlights Accuracy Issue in Location Marketing

Thinknear Gives Mobile Industry a “D” for Location Accuracy

Thinknear Bows Location Accuracy Index For Mobile Ads

MEC exec: Location in mobile content still an untapped opportunity

Localizing The Message Makes Brands Relevant

Openings and New Hires at Thinknear, Twitter, and Verizon

Debunking the Mobile Exchange Myth

Location More Important Than Ever in Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing Challenge: An Interview with Eli Portnoy

Thinknear: Mobile Location Is Wrong More than It’s Right

Behind the Scenes Of A Mobile Startup - With Thinknear Co-Founder Eli Portnoy

From Techstar to Telenav: Thinknear

The Commute Doesn’t Compute

The Innovation Paradox

Thinknear’s Portnoy on Scoring Accurate Location Data

MM#236: The Ugly Truth About Location Targeted Mobile Advertising

Missing the Target with Targeted Ads

Is Your Location Strategy Worth It? Here’s How To Tell

Location-Based Mobile Ads Forecast To Hit $10.8B in 2017

Thinknear GM: Why the Shift to Programmatic Will Benefit Local

Thinknear, Placed To Show Mobile Ad Impact On Foot Traffic

Thinknear CEO Talks Hyperlocal Advertising And The Importance of ‘Good’ Location Data

Thinknear GM Eli Portnoy on Location-Based Advertising

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