60+ Predictions for Local & Location-Based Marketing in 2018

Local Search Association released “60+ Predictions for Local & Location-Based Marketing in 2018.” Make sure to read page 39 for Thinknear’s predictions!

The local space continues to evolve at a rapid rate, but what will have the biggest impact in 2018? We asked agencies, publishers, MarTech providers and advertisers to tell us what they expect for 2018 and have put together a compilation of over 60 predictions from around the space.

Experts shared predictions spanning a plethora of topics including location intelligence, voice search, AI, position 0, schema markup, CRM adoption, automation, chatbots, social marketing, SMB marketing, data privacy and much more. To make the predictions easier to consume, we grouped them into several categories:

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • Local Search
  • Location Intelligence
  • Marketing Strategy
  • MarTech
  • National-to-Local
  • Retail
  • SMB

Here are some of the predictions you’ll read about in the report:

  • More Paid Local Ads in 2018
  • Google’s Improved Attribution Metrics to Move Marketers Beyond Last-Click Models
  • Instagram to Become the Most Valuable Social Platform in 2018
  • The Year of the Featured Snippet or 0 Position
  • Facebook to Become 2nd Largest Local Search Player in 2018
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Will Advance Location Intelligence through 2018
  • Marketers Will Become More Selective about Location Data
  • Disparate Data Streams Come Together to Impact Big Brands & Local Advertisers
  • Storytelling Across Digital & Offline Touch Points Will Make a Comeback in 2018
  • Chatbot Usage in SMB Space Will Surge
  • Winning Brands Will Have Local Content Strategies

You can download the report here. The views and opinions in this document collectively reflect that dramatic changes are happening in the market. In addition, many of these topics and themes will also be on the agenda at LSA18, April 30 – May 2 in Chicago.

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