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Marketing to Marketers: The Gen Z “Brand”

Attracting the attention of a consumer-powerhouse demographic that’s short on attention and long on skepticism has become a key challenge for marketers. To understand what Gen Z is, we first must understand what it is not.

5G and the Future of Turbocharged Marketing

Within the next three years, wireless speeds are set to jump tenfold, making the current network look as antiquated as dial-up modems. What does this mean for consumers and marketers? Thinknear takes a look.

Thinknear at CES 2017

WebThe Thinknear team is heading to Las Vegas for CES 2017! We'd love to meet-up to talk mobile marketing, the latest trends in location technology, and even give a sneak peek into the future of the connected car marketing opportunity. We're also hosting dinner and drinks and would love to have you along for some Vegas-style fun!

How Location Targeting Can Set Your Mobile Video Advertising On Fire

mobilevideo-blogFor the first time, location data is connecting rich video content to the right audiences. Brand advertisers who want to reach a specific audience can use GeoFence, GeoAudience, and GeoBehavioral targeting to target users with specific location-based profiles.

Harnessing the Power of Location: Fine-Tune Your Geo-Audience

Because location-based audience targeting (LBA) is so effective at reaching a specific audience within a geographic area, it typically outperforms traditional geofence or designated market area targeting (DMA). LBA targeting proved highly effective at reaching a specific target audience and outperformed DMA targeting in terms of driving foot traffic.

Why Location Data Will Decide the Next President of the United States

Technology is changing the way political campaigns are run. Silicon Valley has been evolving agile development processes, data-driven decisioning and the rise of digital marketing for years; and, those concepts are now fully spilling over into the run for the White House. The true game changer in politics is data and digital expertise. Those without it will not win.

Unlocking the Mobile Advertising Opportunity: Getting Attribution Right

Blog-Attribution-MediaPostMeasuring mobile advertising ROI has been problematic. Retail and product advertisers’ best option today is to use mobile location data to measure foot traffic. Learn about the different methodologies and data sources behind this type of attribution measurement.

4 Audiences Retail Brands Can Easily Reach with Mobile Ads

4 audiences for retail brandsLocation data allows you to create thousands of unique personas. As a retail brand, your goals are to drive in-store visits, increase sales, and nurture loyalty. Learn about four audience profiles that can easily be applied across various retail brands to drive success.

Video killed the radio star. What’s video’s next move?

header-mobilevideo-blogpostChanges in how we consume media are accompanied by where we consume video-based media, and the clear trend is that we’re doing it on-the-go. Video is becoming a mobile medium. This shift impacts not only content developers, but also the brands and marketers who rely on on traditional and digital media forums to pitch their wares through the beloved “TV” commercial.

Retailers, Is Showrooming Ruining Your Holiday Spirit? Try These 4 Mobile Advertising Strategies

header-blog-showroomingPrevious studies from the 4A’s found that 25% of showroomers planned to buy in-store but then changed their minds. How can retail marketers embrace showrooming? We’ve highlighted four mobile advertising strategies to ensure brands make the most of their holiday advertising.

Wearables May Yield A Flood Of ‘Emotional’ Data

Location data from smartphones has fundamentally reshaped marketers’ ability to understand and target consumers. Now wearables promise to unleash a flood of even deeper and more personal data that can enable truly emotional connections. Wearables may garner a new era of marketing that is less about commercials and more about customer-centric experiences.

Hillary & Trump, Here's How You Should Run Your Mobile Campaign

Political advertising in the digital ecosystem has, historically, been grossly inefficient. Candidates spend their time within the boundaries of specific congressional or voting districts, and so should mobile political ads. Mobile location data helps to ensure your campaign is reaching the right audience based on who a mobile user is, where they are, and where they have been.

Automotive Brands Offer Early Road Map For Location-Based Marketing

Automotive marketing has long been organized into three well-established tiers. CPG brands upping their investments in mobile advertising can learn from the auto vertical’s use of location data to better link their targeting and creative strategies.

How Dynamic Mobile Ads Increase Engagement for Travel Brands

When it comes to mobile ads in the travel industry, using dynamic data can be especially effective. Dynamic mobile ads take into consideration a user’s surroundings—the time of day, day of the week, temperature, location, lifestyle, and even environmental factors (like pollen count, UV index, etc.)—making the ad that much more likely to elicit an engagement.

The Top 3 Mistakes Marketers Make When Going Mobile

Even though a majority of Americans have smartphones, marketers still struggle to effectively reach them and build viable audiences there. Here are the three biggest misconceptions when it comes to understanding mobile consumers on the go, along with solutions that will help brands save time, money, and hassle.

3 Tips to Protect Your Mobile Campaign From Inaccurate Location Data

How do we uncover publishers who are trying their hardest but are still coming up short? Or outsmart those just looking to make a quick buck? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as outsmarting the so-called Rolex salesperson on the street; but it is just as possible.

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